Build Your Own Bundle!

Buy just the signs you need with our ‘Build Your Own Bundle’ option. You will see that special pricing is introduced to allow you to save money when you purchase several graphics together.

Why Build Your Own Bundle?

Firstly, I know after nearly 15 years of selling clipart and graphics, it’s neigh on impossible to create the perfect bundle of educational graphics for people – what may be a great bundle of graphics for one person may contain a load of useless graphics for someone else. Even though my graphics are very competitively priced, I know it can get expensive if someone needs just a couple of graphics from a number of sets.

From my point of view, as more and more graphics are added to a store, it becomes difficult and time consuming to keep updating bundles which means we just end up with a few ‘odd’ graphics or I end up sat on a lot of unpublished graphics waiting to create sets or bundles with them. Additionally, I know people require variations of signs (see our free custom service if you would like a specific sign 🙂 ), therefore why pay for signs in a bundle which you are never going to use? Instead, why not create a bundle of just the graphics you require!

How Does It Work?

All graphics are costed at $0.50 per sign graphic, meaning if you just require a couple of signs, you can purchase them without breaking the bank. However, if you create your own bundle the costs break down like this:

  • 10 signs, the cost is $0.30 per sign ($3 for 10 signs )
  • 20 the cost is $0.25 per sign ($5.00 for 20 signs)
  • and if you are in super-creation mode, if you create a bundle of 50 signs, the cost is 0.20 per sign ($10 for 50 signs)

And remember, each sign includes both color and black & white graphics